Our language specialists consisting of Japanese and English native speakers can help with your branding strategy, copywriting and translations. Our services include:
  • Japanese to English & English to Japanese translations
  • Multi-lingual copywriting & branding
  • Product/Service localization

Case Studies Totsu Sangyo, ltd – “ASICS Japan Corp – Tyrus” We provide various bilingual services to the industry-leading audiovisual/ICT integrator, Totsu Sangyo. One of our main services is providing creative translations to their integration case-studies and product details. Totsu’s client, ASICS Japan Corp operates fitness facilities for the elderlies called “Tyrus” and Totsu provides full, end-to-end solutions to the company. To translate this case-study, we inquired Totsu how their equipment behaves and served their client’s use-cases, then we carefully chose industry terminologies in health and welfare to make our translations accurately express the company’s service. Please check out our work here.